Congratulations you are one step closer to getting you’re Gate motor in Wellington repaired.

Lets have a look at our self help guide to getting you’re  gate motor in Wellington up and running again. There are many reasons a Gate opener  will Fail to operate but here are a few obvious thing to check.
  • A Gate motor Technician in will start by inspecting the physical Gate and structure of the gate for any obstructions.
  • Check hinges stops, guide and wheels and apply lubricant as needed.
  • Check that the torque is set to manufacturers. recommended stats
  •   Test the battery voltage on the Automatic Gate motor in Wellington.
  • Check all connections and test the trigger inputs like the exit loop.
  • test triggers to and from the intercom
  • finally make sure that the infra red safety beams is functioning properly and stopping you’re Gate operator when blocked.
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Sliding gate motors in Wellington and automatic gate Openers and gate automation swing gate openers and Entrance Gate Barriers

Your Complete Guide to gate motor in Wellington. Find out the estimated cost of automatic gate driveway gate opener based on factors such as brand, gate weight, and installation needs. Our guide also offers suggestions on the best electric gate motor brands for your needs. Please note that the prices provided are estimates and should not be considered final. If you require gate motor repair services in Wellington, We have the Access control solution for your security gate.  please fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you.

This sliding gate motor in Wellington is designed to handle gates weighing up to 300kg. It comes with a full battery backup for uninterrupted use during power outages. The electric Gate  motor in is strong, durable and has removable brushes for easy maintenance. Its UV-resistant housing allows it to endure long-term exposure to harsh climates. Additionally, it comes with a lockable single-action manual release and gate forced open alarm monitoring for added security. The safety beam tamper detection, RF jamming, and signal strength tester with transmitter identification features make it a reliable choice. The motor has an ET Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver, positive close and electronically locking features, and an auxiliary relay output that can operate mag lock, strike lock, lights, among others. making this an awesome computerized gate opener in Wellington.

Centurion D5 Evo Gate Opener

The Centurion D5 Evo Gate Opener in Wellington is a 500kg high security gate motor designed for domestic and light-industrial applications. With battery backup, strong push force, and an intelligent LCD controller, it provides both security and convenience. Its many features make it stand out among electric gate motors in Paarl, making it a top choice for those seeking the best. Manage you’re traffic to you’re property by installing the ultimate Automatic security Barrier.

Centurion D5 Smart Sliding Gate operator

Make your property secure and safe with the Centurion D5 Smart the smartest computer gate opener in Wellington that provides top-notch security and lightning-fast performance. With its speedy movement, you’ll spend less time waiting for your gate to open or close, and be protected against tailgating, providing safety and convenience.

The Centurion D5 Smart Sliding gate operator also comes with a revolutionary anti-theft feature, including a patented theft-deterrent cage and an in-built vibration sensor that alerts you in case of tampering or attempted break-ins. This gate motor ensures peace of mind and is the Master of Access control that you’ve never experienced before.

ET Drive 500 Slide Electric gate Opener

Looking for a robust and reliable solution for your residential sliding gate opener in Wellington? Consider our high-speed motor that is designed to handle gates up to 500 kg. Our gate automation comes with advanced electronics that feature a large backlit display, making programming, diagnostics, and fault reporting a breeze. Rest assured that our system is secure, with gate and beam tamper alarm monitoring, pin code lockable programming, and an optional heavy-duty security bracket. Our ET-Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver is also on board, ensuring that your gate opener is top-of-the-line.

Drive way swing gate Barrier

Vantage 500 Swing Gate Motors - Wellington

Make a bold statement with VANTAGE linear swing gate opener Wellington for your domestic and industrial gates. With sleek design and robust construction, VANTAGE offers a reliable and secure gate automation solution. It comes with battery backup and can be installed quickly and easily. This strong operator is suitable for gates up to 4m wide per leaf, and is made of durable die-cast aluminum with a grade 304 stainless steel worm shaft. The sophisticated electronics ensure smooth and safe operation, making VANTAGE the ideal choice to swing the future your way. Check out the specifications for more details.

The centurion Sektor 2 traffic Entrance Gate Barrier


The Centurion Sector 2 Boom Gate Motor in Wellington is an high flow Traffic Gate Barrier. The Electric Gate Motor in Paarl is designed to do Multiple operations per day and is the ultimate Entrance Gate operator in Wellington. The Gate Motor have proven itself over the years to be very reliable and its Parts is fully available and fairly cheap compared to other Entrance Gate Openers.

The SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier offers the best security for commercial, residential and industrial sites, while simultaneously making life easier for installers thanks to its innovative mechanical design and electronics and Computer that reside at the top of the enclosure, as well as quick and easy commissioning via an intuitive graphic interface flush with features.

This Electric Gate operator in Paarl helps to guard against unauthorised access, tailgating, vehicle theft and circumvention of paid parking systems with its rapid lowering of the boom pole – thereby significantly increasing security – and is tough enough to work reliably no matter where it is installed. When we developed the SECTOR II high-volume traffic gate motor barrier in Wellington, we didn’t cut any corners to ensure that it is a steadfast solution of the highest quality and durability.

What makes the E.T Drive 600 Such a Legendary Gate Motor in Wellington? And how does this Gate motor Differ from the rest?

The E.t Drive 600 Gate Motor in Wellington is a very Special Gate opener and a leader in the Gate Automation industry because it is one of the very few gate motors that does not need a backup battery to operate as the power supply in the Motor is strong enough to supply efficient voltage and current to operate the system.

Is this not how all gate motors in Wellington work?

No a Normal Gate motor that runs with a battery is fully dependent on a backup battery to supply the system with the current needed to drive the motor head, the power supply connected to the Gate motor in Paarl of these other motors can only deliver a max output of 2 Amps and are only there to top up the battery after each use.

in the event of a battery failure the other gate motors will stop operating where the E.t drive 600 Gate motor in Paarl will operate even if the battery has died as long as it has its main power input.

Here are some specs and features of the E.t drive 600 gate motor in Paarl


The ET Drive 600 gate motor  Wellington is a full featured solution for automating high traffic gates, up to 500 kg. ET Drive 600 gate motor in Paarl comes with ET Blu Mix ® enhanced rolling code receiver. It’s no wonder the ET Blu Mix is referred to as  “The most secure code in Africa”.

ET Drive gate motors in Paarl are manufactured by the NICE group. Take charge of your home! With Nice you can control and manage automation of gates in Wellington, all in a click! Functional products with an exciting design that let you live your home to the full.

Care for the environment is one of the key aspects that guides Nice in what it does. Daily research goes into environmentally-friendly materials, development of instruments operating on solar energy, and solutions that simplify the control of light and heat, for instance. As a result, Nice aims to improve our quality of life in a way that is sustainable, because caring for our planet is important to our future generations.

  • PROVEN POWER PACK for high-traffic applications with true battery backup
  • HIGH SPEED motor with removable brushes
  • ADVANCED ELECTRONICS with large backlit display for easy programming, diagnostics and fault reporting
  • Gate and safety beam tamper alarm monitoring
  • Pin code lockable programming
  • Optional heavy duty security bracket
  • ET-Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver on board
  • 1000 user capacity

Things to Consider when buying a gate motor in Wellington

Consider how many operations the gate motor in Wellington will be required to perform over a 24-hour period.

Will the gate motor be used on a domestic gate that is only used a handful of times every day, or will it be installed at a busy complex or office park?
How heavy is the gate, and how much force is needed to set it in motion?
Is power a problem in your area? Consider going for a solar solution!
Do you need the motor to be battery backed-up?
Is speed important, taking into account that a faster gate motor is more beneficial from a security point of view?
What added functionality should the gate motor offer? For example, do you need a motor with automatic closing and intruder-detection alarms?
How many people will use the gate? Should the operator be compatible with complementary solutions such as GSM devices and card readers?

If you require a service other than Automatic Gates in Wellington, we offer various types of swing gates, sliding gates and remote control systems. We also offer domestic fencing, intercoms, cell switches and electric pedestrian gate locks.

Find out more about us and also what we stand for at Cape Winelands Automation. We always strive to deliver the best service and we also only use the best products on the market.